We design and manufacture special fixtures and molds that will enable them to produce efficient products with optimized designs in line with the demands and needs of our domestic and foreign customers, especially in the automotive, rail systems sectors.

Welding Fixtures

These are systems that enable welding and spot welding of difficult and complex parts in a rapid manner.

Assembly Fixtures

They are systems used in different sectors, especially to facilitate repeated operations, shorten their time, and provide measurement and size-based accuracy independent from the operator.

Checking Fixtures

These are the systems that enable simple and fast measurements of the produced parts and sheet metal parts consisting of formed surfaces, in single or combined form.


Machining Fixtures

These are the systems that enable the parts to be fixed to the production benches in a short time, in the correct position, in machining operations.


Mold and Other Apparatus

Apparatus design and manufacturing are made for mold design and manufacturing used in sheet metal forming operations with press, and for different production operations.