Clamp, which is a fastening element, is used in various main and sub-industries. Provides maximum holding, pushing and pulling power with the least amount of effort. It keeps the desired part stable in the correct position. When used as a pneumatic system, it saves labor and time. It can be used in all kinds of industries along with automotive, white goods, machinery, ceramic, wood, plastic industries.

Usage areas:

  • Automotive welding, assembly and control fixtures,
  • Carcass fixtures,
  • Various sheet and part fixings,
  • In manufacturing apparatus,
  • In metal processing areas,
  • In hole drilling, welding processes,
  • Bending, grinding, assembly,
  • In steel and plastic joinery,
  • To tighten the pipe profiles,
  • To close the foam-sponge molds,
  • In mass production industries,,
  • Provides easy closing of molds, cabinets, tank covers and similar parts; It can be manufactured from stainless steel upon request and can be used in the chemical and food industry.


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