FZK Engineering develops and grows day by day with its competent and experienced employee profile.

Human Resources Policy

To be an institution that grows and develops with colleagues and to be preferred by a qualified workforce, based on mutual learning, to manage our talents in the best way and to support our competitive power and corporate success by offering new talents.

Gaining Skilled Workforce

While filling vacancies at our institution, job applications from different sources, such as the website, e-mail, career sites, internship programs, İŞKUR, the recommendations of our company employees or consulting firms are collected and evaluated meticulously within the framework of confidentiality principle. It is aimed to recruit candidates who respond to competencies and job requirements determined separately for each position, after being evaluated as a result of tests and inventories applied in accordance with one-on-one and group interviews.

Salary Management

In our institution, salary management is based on the determination of salaries by taking into account the education levels of our employees, their competencies, experiences, the degree and value of the job created as a result of job evaluation for each task, the market value of our employees' duties, the performance and opportunities of the organization.

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